Friday, February 3, 2012


Definitely diggin' the new "Come As You Are" lookbook from Style Stalker with Alexandra Spencer. 
It's all kinds of cool, and for a suburban-bred Cali kid (like myself), the skater scene isn't too unfamiliar. 
I've always secretly wanted to be the chick who could do dare-devil kickflips over city bus benches...
but, as this lookbook proves, I think some girls are much more fashionable--and scraped knee free--on the sideline.
I've had my share of frightening skateboard riding attempts, and they all ended up with me nearly breaking my neck. So I'll leave it to the boys and tough girls.
I find it odd that I can manage to walk--and in crazy circumstances, run--in pumps that are 5+ inches, yet I can't hold my own on a skateboard. Oh well. I guess it's true: everything ain't for everybody.
Instead, I'll live vicariously through these shots. lol

photos via Style Stalker

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