Sunday, June 17, 2012


Last weekend was one of the most hilarious, surprising, & exciting times of my life! For those of you who follow me on Twitter
I appreciate your patience in waiting to hear the "big news" that I was itching to share with you all.
So without further adieu...

I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!

Yes! It's still blows my mind every time I say it out loud.
My fiancee Kevin and I have been together since our high school years
--which explains why my youngest brother Riian exclaimed 
"Well, it's about time!" when we shared the news.
And since the first time I met him back in 2007, he has continued to be 
the funniest, sweetest & most intelligent man that I still love today.
Though I've been "off the market" for the past 5 years, I guess now it's really set in stone! (literally lol)
The reactions we've been getting from everyone who finds out we're getting married 
have landed on one of the two extremes: 
pee-your-pants ecstatic, and the ever daunting "ohhh.....that's nice."
I've gotten the "OMG, why?!" a few times, and have noticed that I get a bit defensive when people say we're too young to get married.
I'm 23. Kev's 22.
If people only knew about all of the crazy things we've made it through, they'd give us a book deal!
And they'd see we are pretty well cut out for the bliss and challenges of married life.
Amazingly, throughout all of the good and unbelievably painful times, 
God has protected and preserved us for such a time as this.
So when people tell me that I don't have enough "life experience," I laugh.
I know the odds that are against us--adultery, financial hardships, and divorce--
but God and our faith in Him are far greater than the odds.
No one but God can take credit for providing the strength to bear the things I've put this guy through, 
and Kevin is truly one-of-a-kind.
The kind of guy that never runs from a problem, but takes it head on until its resolved.
The kind of guy who always wants to see me smile.
The kind of guy who prays for me.
The kind of guy who possesses timeless wisdom.
The kind of guy who encourages everyone to do and be better.
The kind of guy who loves God like crazy.
The kind of guy who can dance like James Brown.
I can honestly say that although he is not perfect, he is the black Ryan Gosling. haha
(I always tell him our life is "The Notebook," slight memory loss--on my end--included lol)
So why on earth will I trade that--and everything else that's on my list of why I love him--to search the world for someone who will never measure up? No thanks.

So I say cheers! Here's to many, many awesome years of gut-wrenching laughter and a few tears.
To wedded bliss that surpasses the narrow scope of fairy tales and white picket fences.
To the maturity gained from enduring the curve balls of life.
To raising lots of kids who will change the world.
To always choosing happiness.
To love, and being loved.

photos by Kevin Lindo

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